Well, i just found out my great-grandma on my mom’s father side passed today. I just saw her on Saturday at a family birthday party, and i was feeling so shitty and antisocial I couldn’t have a nice chat with her like i usually would’ve. She said she’d come back to see me before she left and she ended up leaving without coming back, so that was it, our last time speaking to each other. v-v I feel like i should be crying and mourning, i want to but im not, i never seem to when someone passes despite how sad it makes me.  I never seem to feel intensely enough about family deaths.Either way i’m going to miss her. She had her moments but she also had her reasons and at her core she was such a beautiful person, inside and out. May she be in peace on the other side. :(

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panicvision sent:
Hey I just wanted to come by and wish you a good morning and I hope today is a good/better day for you!

Thank you so much for continuously checking up on me, you have no idea just how much that means. I am sorry i’ve been MIA in the past couple days, there’s been alot going on and i haven’t been in a tumblr mood. i hope your day is great too.(i’ll answer the other messages privately, i felt like maybe i shouldnt have posted your problems for the whole world to see. im sorrry)


Some days you just need a little cat love ;)

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boys in crop tops 2014


If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess


There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.










Frozen in the hood

how is this the hood. that is clearly a suburbian neighborhood. likeeeeeee can we stop with the casual racism?

Thank you^^^

For real damn smh

She’s probably studied dance for years and is enjoying the snow, but since she’s black…. yah know she MUST be hood. 

God Forbid her name be Rasheeda Jackson. SMH they’ll be making fun all day.

this is how we know “ghetto” and “hood” are synonymous with blackness for white people, no matter what economic class we’re actually in; you will look at us the same way no matter what, so fuck respectability politics and trying to “polite” our way into civil rights

for the fucking comments 

yeah totes^ but the fact that she casually does a Chaine turn while crushing two snowballs before sliding into a perfect split on some fucking ice gives me so much LIFE 







the animator probably requested that this be put in the script because they were so excited that the boulder came out as great as it did so he wanted a little reward for himself… at least, that’s what I would have done…

Maybe they had a ton of trouble rendering the boulder properly and so when it was done they were like ‘You know what? This shit deserves a line in the script.’

As the daughter of a renderer, I can confirm this is pretty likely. 


Kirstie and Kristie Bronner are exemplifying BLACK EXCELLENCE



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panicvision sent:
Awww thanks. I needed that! Had a bit of a rough night last night since my social anxiety crept up on me and bugged me with all sorts of self doubt about my social behavior. Worrying if I was bugging my friends, or worse forgetting about my friends(because of the ask limit on tumblr and my sorta off memory) but I'm doing sorta better at the moment. Thanks for the greeting and I hope the day is good for you too!

Awe :( I understand, sometimes anxiety makes you feel like you’re a burden, certainly not a good feeling..but i am glad to hear you’re doing better today. I’m sure you’ll push through, and i know your friends would never be annoyed by you(how could theyy you’re so nice man) And if you ever need an extra friend to talk to i am here :) And thanks! My great-grandpa is having a bday party today and apparently i am supposed to dance with him in front of everyone..we’ll see how that goes. I dont call to Jesus any other time but may he be with me this afternoon lmao